custom orthotics

Why Would Someone Want Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthoses are pricey, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Also, the doctor visits associated with an initial diagnosis can add up to be quite costly quickly, and then there’s the time for follow-up visits to complete the process. Making custom orthotics on your own, however, is a much more simple and straightforward process that only requires a short, two or three hour, visit to your doctor’s office, a bit of measuring and filling out some forms.

First Steps

The process starts by requesting a copy of the diagnosis and case history. This is done through one or two pages of a medical journal, preferably with photographs showing the heel, arch and knee position. This information is necessary for podiatrists to make an accurate diagnosis of what kind of custom orthotics will be needed for your particular condition. Not only does this help them make their suggestions, but it is also good information for insurance companies, which often require podiatrists to make estimates based on cases of similar conditions.

In your initial consultation, a podiatrist should ask about what your current prescriptions are for pain relief, specifically the over-the-counter insoles you are using. Many people have orthopedic inserts that are custom orthotics made specifically for their own specific needs. These may also be called custom orthotics for running. These might not necessarily be custom orthotics made specifically for plantar fasciitis or other such foot issues; many runners who do not suffer such foot issues have such issues without even knowing it.

In your initial visit, the podiatrist should also ask you some questions on your specific foot problem(s) and ask you some questions about your current health, specifically your risk factors for developing whatever foot problem they are trying to treat. The questions could include, among others, things like: Are you overweight, diabetic or hypertensive? Have you recently started taking any new medications? Do you have any family or personal history of foot problems or arthritic conditions?

custom orthotics

Orthotic Inserts

Orthotic inserts are one way to treat your specific condition. These custom orthotics, when made with specially manufactured insoles, are specially fitted to provide the most proper level of support for your particular problem areas. You may have problems with arthritis in the knees or your feet. Some reasons cause such problems. Your doctor may suggest an orthotic that provides the most proper fit for the particular problem you are suffering from.

Custom orthoses for shoes, boots or sandals, as well as over-the-counter insoles, can be custom-fit to the individual using them. The degree of custom fit varies with each person and situation. One reason for a custom fit is the way the insoles are worn. They need to be custom-fitted to prevent pressure sores. They are also custom-fitted to give the most comfort.

Different orthotic inserts are custom fit for different people depending on their needs. Some of the materials used to make custom orthotics vary with the needs of the individual. A material used to make custom orthotics might be able to provide a better fit, but it would also be a lot more expensive than materials used for cheaper custom orthotics.


The materials used to make custom orthotics will affect the cost of the custom orthotics. The price will vary according to the quality of the materials. The custom orthotics will usually be custom made in a larger or smaller size to meet the specific requirements of each person. The cost may be higher because of special needs.

Most orthotic inserts are made to order. This means that you will be able to custom order the custom orthotics that you need. In most cases, your doctor will tell you what size and type of inserts you need. In some cases, your doctor may even be able to order custom orthotics to go along with your prescription.


When you order custom orthotics it can take a little time to get them. The time that it takes to order custom orthotics depends on the type and style of the custom orthotics that you order. You may have to wait anywhere from one to four weeks to get your custom orthotics. You might be able to get them faster if you order early. The length of time that it takes to order custom orthotics will depend on what kind of inserts you have and where you order them from.

Custom orthotics are great for people who suffer from conditions like arthritis, hammertoes, corns and calluses, hammertoes and high arches. These conditions can be very painful and in some cases impossible to live with. Custom orthotics can help to alleviate your pain and make your life a lot easier. Custom foot orthoses are great for people of all ages because they are comfortable, durable, easy to change when you need to and stylish. It is easy to see why custom orthotics are becoming so popular now.